FrameForm, 2017-2019

Metal frame furniture and wall elements fabricated by a robot.

The FrameForm project present a computational technique that aids with the design of structurally‐sound metal frames, tailored for robotic fabrication using an existing process that integrate automated bar bending, welding, and cutting.

Aligning frames with structurally‐favorable orientations, and decomposing models into fabricable units, we make the fabrication process scale‐invariant, and frames globally align in an aesthetically‐pleasing and structurally‐informed manner. Relying on standard analysis of frames, we then co‐optimize the shape and topology of bars at the local unit level. At this level, we minimize combinations of functional and aesthetic objectives under strict fabrication constraints that model the assembly of discrete sets of bent bars. We demonstrate the capabilities of our global‐to‐local approach on four robotically‐constructed examples.